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There real in photos: AKA, I love your hair!

That commercial is the bomb because it is my current life status.  It is real life.  Beauty is not about conforming.  It’s about whatever makes you feel confident with yourself.  Sometimes you need to tinker around a bit to find what works. Recently, I teased Instagram with a glimpse of my new hairdo.   You… Continue reading There real in photos: AKA, I love your hair!

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Unapologetically, I love “Sister Wives”

I’m troubled.  When you read why you may fight the urge to roll your eyes.  You will fight the urge, won’t you? Warning:  you are now entering ludicrous terrain.  Proceed with caution. The only arsenal I have against the unrest in my mind is to flesh it out.  Allow the words to come and see… Continue reading Unapologetically, I love “Sister Wives”

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AGAIN He swoops in

“I’m writing.  I’M WRITING,” she says.  Her fist pumps in the darkened corner while her husband’s snores waft across the room.  Never mind the pesky digital numbers scolding her.  “You will regret this,” they nag.  “In a few short hours, morning will gallop on the scene in all its blazing glory and you will pay.”… Continue reading AGAIN He swoops in