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Supernaturally Healed of Cancer. One Man’s Encounter with the Power of God.

It’s awesome that we live in a day of such technological advancement that we can rapidly connect with others and share the accounts of healing and miracles that are happening all around the world.   Jesus is forever the same and healing is for EVERYONE (more on that later).  This is an exciting time to live!… Continue reading Supernaturally Healed of Cancer. One Man’s Encounter with the Power of God.

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Indispensable Weapon

Indispensable, an adjective meaning absolutely necessary.  A few synonyms for indispensable are of the utmost importance, crucial, and key.  In unpacking this word it has become clear that this is something WE NEED TO KNOW. Just what is this indispensable weapon?  In a culture where everyone’s packing (southern United States dweller here) I’d sure like… Continue reading Indispensable Weapon

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a little belated Valentine talk

As a parent, I love Valentine’s day.  As a teacher, I love Valentine’s day.  As a reluctant adult in the order of Peter Pan, I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY! It’s tragic that public schools in our area rarely allow young children to commemorate the day.  T-r-a-g-i-c I say because we are a melodramatic bunch in this house and because my… Continue reading a little belated Valentine talk

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One Way God Speaks: Examples from my Life

God speaks to us often.  He hasn’t left us here on earth as some sort of twisted entertainment for heavenly beings, watching us go from scrape to scrape, slapping his knee while chortling, “Let’s see how they’ll get out of this one!” No way, José! He does care for us.  A LOT.  He is love itself… Continue reading One Way God Speaks: Examples from my Life

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Woman Healed of Cerebral Palsy

A good friend of mine posted this video clip on her Facebook page.  Underneath she wrote, “That’s my God!”  Her excitement grabbed my attention.  Not a fan of video reenactments and often leery of my Facebook feed in general, I clicked the video.  I humbly submit it for your review.

Now, I Gush

I believe this woman’s story.  I believe in a God Who still uses visions when He sees fit to do so.  I believe in a God Who still heals in unique ways.  I believe the bible is true.  Every. single. word.  Not just the parts that make sense with what I’ve seen or known of life. Bible words are God-breathed words, alive and working in and around us right this moment.   That certainly doesn’t mean I understand it all when I read it, but I believe it!

Where I don’t believe, I want to believe.  I’m choosing to believe.

I admit visions and miraculous healing can sound strange to my western, modern ears.  God stories can look funny and make no sense to my natural way of thinking, but I’m completely okay with that.  I’m okay with a God who loves us so much that He heals our lives.  I’m thrilled with the thought of it.

I bellow a big fat, “I BELIEVE!”

even in the face of my doubt.

Like the father of the demon possessed boy, I often cry out, “I do believe!  Help my unbelief!” (see  Mark 9)

Yes, I said demon.  I have used the words vision, demon, and miracles all in one post.  You’re never coming back to this blog, are you?

What I’m Trying to Say is…

I would rather have a heart that’s ready to believe than a heart that’s hardened and calloused by years of doubt.  I lived the hard-hearted way and it’s exactly as it sounds, hard.  It’s hell.  Pure hell.  When your heart’s all hard and stony nothing can get in, not even the good stuff of life: the healing, love, gushy, warm stuff.  I’m saying it again, a hard-hearted life is hellish and burdensome. It’s not the easy and light burden that Jesus came to give us (Matthew 11:30).

I’m learning that possessing a soft, believing heart opens the door to true life.

Beautiful, soft, healing life.

I believe.