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Laboring in the Word. To Believe.

My favorite part of yesterday’s video testimony came towards the end of the broadcast.  I’m a sap when it comes to babies.  I sat in a puddle of salty tears as I listened to the miraculous happy ending that young family received with the birth of their healthy baby girl.  God’s powerful love is simply breathtaking.… Continue reading Laboring in the Word. To Believe.

God's Word

Indispensable Weapon

Indispensable, an adjective meaning absolutely necessary.  A few synonyms for indispensable are of the utmost importance, crucial, and key.  In unpacking this word it has become clear that this is something WE NEED TO KNOW. Just what is this indispensable weapon?  In a culture where everyone’s packing (southern United States dweller here) I’d sure like… Continue reading Indispensable Weapon

God's Word · Renewed Living

One Way God Speaks: Examples from my Life

God speaks to us often.  He hasn’t left us here on earth as some sort of twisted entertainment for heavenly beings, watching us go from scrape to scrape, slapping his knee while chortling, “Let’s see how they’ll get out of this one!” No way, José! He does care for us.  A LOT.  He is love itself… Continue reading One Way God Speaks: Examples from my Life