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When Lightning Strikes

would you belive it? ||

I have a pattern of writing and then retreating. We’ve talked about this. Mostly, I keep to myself the THING that happened to rock my little boat and pull me back out with the tide. Usually, it’s the kind of life stuff that would just be a drag for others to read. It’s better to tend to that stuff behind the scenes and come out belting the show tunes. Shove it in the closet and gussy up, gal. The show must go on.

But this…

This I can share.

Would you believe that lightning hit our house? Would you believe that as an afternoon shower began to break apart and drift away, while the skies were partly cloud covered and only a drizzle of rain remained, one lone powerful bolt of lightning split the skies in our county and made a direct hit with our house? A bolt so powerful that someone reported the ground shook a mile away. A bolt of power that elicited the screams of our neighbor’s three children– ages 12, 10, and 8– along with the screams of my own. A bolt that hastened six fire engines and seventeen firemen to our home in the span of 9 minutes and beckoned the neighbors our way.

I mean, would you believe it?

That a lightening bolt would act as a bullet and shoot through our roof, cracking our chimney, as it made its way through our home via our electrical wires? That it would then blow out an interior wall while simultaneously igniting an electrical fire as it continued to ravage our wiring until finally blowing out both the electrical panel in our garage and the cable wiring on the street? Would you believe that our youngest daughter, the one we adopted nearly two years ago, was the only person in the room where the main action took place? That minutes before the lightning struck she had stood just inches from where the wall exploded and the fire broke out? That she had moved to sit on our sofa across the room right before the lightning struck? That the sofa was the ONLY place in the entire room untouched by debris? Broken glass and ash were in front of the sofa and behind, they covered the other seating in the room, but the sofa remained unharmed.


Because who does this stuff happen to, really?

Who does this stuff happen to?

The glory of it all is we are all safe and we still have a home. No matter the stress of fire reports, insurance claims, broken appliances and mounting home repairs; at the end of the day, we still have a home with a family nestled within. For this, we are grateful.

To my American friends: Happy Independence Day!

To my beautiful mom: Happy Birthday!!  Oh, how I love you.

When asked for my husband’s phone number– the evening of the lightning strike– in my shock, I rattled off one of my mom’s old phone number that she had held for years.  Apparently, in an emergency, my mind races off to my mama, still. 

Recently, I sat around a conference table with five other adults.  We live in what is reported as the lightning capital of the United States of America.  Out of the six of us, FIVE of us have had our homes struck by lightning at some point in our lives.  Now I must ask, have you ever had a shocking encounter with nature’s weather?

Photo Credits: “lightning” by Ben Salter is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Stunned” by Casey Fleser is licensed under CC BY 2.0


4 thoughts on “When Lightning Strikes

  1. Thank God your little poppet was not harmed. Supernatural protection me thinks 😏
    So glad you’re all ok … but … what the?
    Actually a lighting bolt went off above a rental home years ago that I was sitting in. Didn’t strike … but the air buzzed with the electrical current. It was the most bizarre experience.
    May you experience great favour as you regroup restock and replace!
    Blessings my friend
    God is Good!


    1. Thank you for your blessing. I receive that! Yes, definitely supernatural protection. No doubt about it. This past weekend we had another powerful strike of lightning. This one in the field behind our house. Afterward, white birds were all over the ground eating. Apparently, lightning strikes pull up earthworms? Did you know about this?

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