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I’ll Give You a Crumb

Since we don’t want the search engines (Google I’m looking at you) to shout my business to the other end of the world, we’re using code words here.  Adoo-doo.  My word for the business at hand.  I love to advocate for adoo-adoo.  It’s funny how life has a way of placing me in the path of others who have thought about adoo-adoo or who are interested in adoo-adoo in some way.  This has been a perfect outlet for me since I have had to sit on my hands here at the blog.

An example would be the day we stopped by the bank for my husband to run in and make a deposit.  We had been out shopping with the girls.  The girls and I sat in the car while he ran in to make the transaction.  A few minutes later he was back in the car asking me if I would go back inside with him.  Although we’ve banked with this particular institution for 20 years, they suddenly needed to update some information on us and needed both of the account holder signatures before depositing my husband’s check.  We found it odd but were thankful I was handy on the day he needed my signature.    Even odder was the wait for one of the bank’s managers.  We had to go to the head woman of this place just for two signatures?  At a bank we visit almost weekly?  Really?  What’s all this fuss about?

I don’t even remember how it ever came into the conversation, but it did.  While sitting with the bank woman our adoo-adoo happenings became known and she confided in us that she had recently broached this topic with her husband. They are our age and she wondered if she were too old.  We assured her she wasn’t, even though I completely got that concern. Her teenage daughter is on board, but her husband isn’t quite there yet.  My husband had his number.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, brought home the child.  My husband and I bit the bait and shared a bit with her, leaving her with some information that she had asked for.  She wrote down the information. (score!) I’m sure her husband got quite an ear full that evening.  May we never meet on the street.  😛  I walked out of the bank that day jumping all around, excited about what the future may hold for another o-o.  Even facing my grumpy girls, fuming over how long we were in there– gosh Mom,  couldn’t curb my excitement over what had taken place.

(o-o, the one who benefits most from the adoo-adoo.  I feel like I’m speaking pig latin. )

Fast forward to a recent doctor’s visit.  The one where all five of us take over our doctor’s office while he and his staff work diligently on the required medical forms and letters we’re required to assemble for the adoo-adoo.  It’s a production involving several tubes of blood, full examinations, and various forms and letters required to read just so complete with a notary seal.  We’ve been at this together for over five years now, the medical team and us.  In that time our doctor’s private nurse has looked into international adoo-adoo, making it known that it is something she plans to do after marriage.  (She is presently engaged.)  The real shocker came when our doctor, also around our age with two biological children, revealed that he and his wife were now looking at adoo-adoo’ing from the same country that we completed our daughter’s adoo-adoo.

Shut up.

Now that is a testament to how sweet our daughter is and how sweet our family doctor is.  Good hearts surround me.  May they rub off on me ever so more.

Actually, it is a testament to how good God is.  The o-o gets a family where love is given place.

Now, isn’t that a lip-smacking crumb?

Note:  The original post I made about adoo-adoo was instantly picked up by Google and seen by visitor’s in my child’s country.  Yesssss.  Even though I didn’t mention the country.  I think the photo did it.  It was an actual photo of my child in her orphanage.  I took it down for now.  THIS is why I must tread with caution and wait before openly sharing more.


I’d love to hear from you!

Photo Credit:  CC BY 2.0 Fabulous Jewellery Finders” by Pierre Tourigny


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