Adoption Story


I live.  I breathe.  I am here.

I didn’t forget that I created this space.  Neither did I forget my little rant on DEFENDING the orphan and abandon my plan to tug on every heart string that might pass by.  I didn’t.  Really.

What happened is this:  our family began to get some movement in our other adoptions we are pursuing.  Yes, you read that correctly– adoptions.  As in more than one.  Unfortunately, we have hit one hurdle after time-consuming hurdle and have yet to get to a place that I can openly share.  Because of the risk of harming our overseas adoptions and because I have a really big mouth and maybe because I lack something called tact, I had to disappear from my blogging activities.  Google is too good, my friend.  The last thing I need is someone on the other end of this adoption googling my name and deciding they don’t like what I’ve had to share about our daughter’s experience as an orphan and denying our request to adopt from their country.

I can’t even talk about my other passion online.  You know, all that God talk.  You’re sad, aren’t you.  ADMIT IT!   You were a bit curious to read about how God talks and all the woo-woo stuff I’ve seen and taken part in.  Oh, come one, I won’t tell.

Well, sadly, Christian beliefs aren’t exactly welcome in the country we are petitioning for adoption and honestly, my personal beliefs are a hard pill for some of my Christian friends to tolerate because I take the Bible literally.  “Well, if He put it in the book for us, I think He meant what He said and He’ll do it! ”  One of these days I will learn to keep a zipper on it.  I’d probably have more friends.

Not writing about the good stuff, the stuff that makes my pulse quicken and my head get all light and fuzzy, leaves me with either posting recipes (please no) or showing you my humorous side which too often morphs into satire and gets me in trouble in my circles.  As it should.  As it should.   

So what’s a girl to do?

First, I’m asking for your prayers and good thoughts sent our way as we proceed with our adoptions.  Once we receive word of our referrals, I will share that information on my personal Facebook page.  You’re welcome to friend request me if we’re not already friends.  Just contact me through the blog.  I’m not allowed to share the children’s’ photos or real names until we pass court, but I will be able to tell you ages and sex and a general timeline of events as our adoption proceeds.

A referral is when the child’s country sends you a photo and information on a child for adoption that matches a family’s request and home study.  After reviewing the child’s file with a medical doctor, the family can accept or decline.  If a family declines, they will continue to wait for another referral.

Second, I can write behind the scenes.  Passionately, I can share.  I will craft posts walking you through life with our girl.  I will share life photos that will draw you in a bit to her story.  She is AMAZING.  What she has overcome. What she has survived.  The gains she is making.  These are the stories that make life come alive.  I will attempt to write authentically, although I admit that it will take practice on my part.  Opening up about my real junk isn’t easy, but I will write the real of what we have experienced.  (help me, help me)  The day we pack our bags to travel and bring home the rest of our growing family, that very day, I will set my writings to publish here on the blog.  You can catch up on what adoption has looked like for us up to this point.  Then, you can walk with us as we bring home our new children and together we’ll see how THAT turns out.

Prayers for faster processing from this point on because I am SO ready to tell you a story.

Thanks for reading, friend.


Wanna Talk Back?  I’m listening.  😉


Image Credit: “Sarcasm, One More Service I Offer” by Ken Whytock and “You are here” By Sarah from Ottawa, Canada (cropped by blogger) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons.


5 thoughts on “I LIVE!

  1. Love it and will pray. I wasn’t sure if you had stopped the process. Have a new friend at our new church who adopted and wrote a book about it. I’ll find out if it’s online. Terrific story of determination and persistence. Blessings my friend who rattles peoples cages x


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