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“Don’t’ make God sound small to protect His reputation!”- Lisa Bevere

If you’re following this blog, chances are you’re a close friend of mine or we have a sort of bloggy history.  You know my quirks.  You know my screw-ups.  You know I don’t consider myself an authority on the miraculous and WE know I’m not God’s personal mouthpiece.  Humor me a moment while I make this disclaimer for readers at large.

I’m a Christian.  I love all things God.  I believe in a triune God as set forth in the Christian Holy Bible: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Spirit (Holy Spirit).  I’m drawn to the supernatural power of God, particularly physical healings, for many reasons, but mostly because I have personally witnessed and experienced these manifestations of God’s power in the circles in which I live.  I KNOW a man who is alive and well today who God miraculously healed from stage 4 cancer.  I KNOW several people, also alive and well today, who all received physical healings from cancer and they are living strong!  I know a young man healed BY GOD of a deadly blood disease.  The doctors could do nothing.  God did everything.  He is now married with children and living large.  20 years of walking in the circles in which I have walked have proven to me that the God we read about in the Bible is the SAME God of today.   I have heard the stories of many people.  I watched their encounters with a supernatural God.

Yet, in the scheme of God things, I know so little.  I don’t claim to understand the ins and outs of the Christian life or the spiritual world, but I do believe this:  God loves us, He gave us Jesus and it’s all for our good.

I share miraculous healing stories because we live in a culture in NEED of healing.  What’s a person to do when medical science fails them, nutrition fails them, natural medicine fails them, and foreign medicine fails them? Should they walk around hopeless?

I say no.  There’s always hope.  I’ve SEEN it.  I’ve heard their stories.  There’s still hope.

Let’s keep believing.

God can do anything you know– far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! – Ephesians 3:20, The Message Bible


Photo credit: ©Nicolas Raymond.   Grunge Warning Sign – Less Hate More Love.  Licensed under creative commons.


3 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. And then there is the tension when we expect the miraculous … but … which still does not change who God is … a Loving Healing Father.
    Keep speaking!
    God IS Good!
    The world really does need to know our God!

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  2. You are right on. I have seen it also. When we pray for people to be healed we always need to remind people that it is His work, not ours. The confusion in the world today is because of the many false teachers out there claiming things that just don’t come from the Bible. We do our part by positioning ourselves to receive what God has and then let Him give.

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